Thursday, 22 June 2017

Hello old friend.

Hi guys, it's Alisha here.

I know that in the past year I have neglected this blog but that is due to things that have been happening in my life, I found myself lose touch from what I love and that is make-up! Nothing negative has been happening, in fact it has all been very much positive. I started my Adult nursing degree and had moved into my own house with my boyfriend of five years, which has been the vest year of my life!!

I am back now, I am ready to get in touch with my beauty side again and share all my thoughts, likes, dislikes and adventures with you all. Over the past year I have acquired even more make up and beauty products that I ever anticipated, so I have nothing but exciting things lined up. 

I hope to here from you all soon and a hint towards my next post? We will be talking eyeshadow.

Love Alisha xo 

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Skincare routine

Hi guys!

I know I love being nosey in people's lives especially when it comes to finding out about all the beauty products they love, so I thought I would bring you my skincare routine and the products that I love and use on a daily basis.

My skincare products are all from the body shop, they sell amazing skincare and beauty products and their products are full of things that our skin will thank us for using! I do use other things but at this moment in time these 4 items are what I am reaching for the most. I have the cleanser, toner, face mist and the daily moisturiser all from the Vitamin E range. 

So the first product I am going to talk about is the cleanser. It is so creamy on the face and leaves you feel like your skin is polished to perfection, I usually use this after I have scrubbed my face, especially on days I have been wearing makeup because I feel a facial wash is never enough. This cleanser just gets in the creases of your face and make you feel fresh for the day or night!

The second product is the hydrating toner, I like to use this after the cream cleanser because I feel like it leaves my skin looking bright and refreshed, I wouldn't say this is a necessary product, however I have found that for me this is extra great when I have any redness or spots coming up because it helps reduce that and it is added hydration, great for normal-dry skin. 

The third product is the daily moisturiser, I use this twice a day, everyday, I LOVE this product, I have extremely sensitive skin and this product does not irritate me at all, it prepares my skin for my make-up so it ensures it goes on perfectly and and the end of the day gives the moisture back to my skin and brings it back to life almost, if you were to try any, this would be the one!

The last product is the face mist, this is really great for giving your face a boost of hydration, not only that it is amazing for setting makeup into place, using this before my makeup and after has really improved the finish and the lasting power, it is really great. 

I love all of these 4 products and these are just the ones I usually reach for daily, I do use more but I thought I would share these with you all so that maybe you could go out and enjoy them as much as I do!
Love Alisha xo

Friday, 8 January 2016

Makeup Geek

Hi guys!

I am excited about this post because I am featured the start of what I think is going to cost me a fortune! I have just purchased my first Z-palette in the size small with leopard print detailing, and 3 Makeup Geek eyeshadows to go along with it!

I have not got round to using them yet but I want to talk a little bit about them with you guys. Going from Left to Right I have got Godess, Bitten & Creme Brulee.
Goddess is such a beautiful golden shimmer shade, it is so buttery to the touch and I can see this being a lovely all over the lid colour, it is so pigmented and will really add some pop to the eyelid!
Bitten, again is so buttery to the touch, it is a lovely deep matte burgundy red shade, so perfect for the winter/fall seasons. I do not own a shade like this and I am excited to play around with it, I feel like this will be excellent for darkening the 'Outer V' of the eye.
Creme Brulee, I have only heard great things about this shade, it is your everyday matte light brown, this to me looks like the perfect transition shade in the crease. Out of the 3 I would say this is the most buttery and silky to the touch. 

These shadows are very comparable to MAC eyeshadows, I have a couple from MAC but none dupes for these shades, but I can honestly say the formula to touch, feels so much better than MAC, I wonder if they apply the same? Better? Or worse?

I am looking forward to buying more of the Makeup Geek eyeshadows so if you have any colours that are a must have, let me know!

Love Alisha xo

Sunday, 3 January 2016

The Flawless 3.

Hi guys! 

We all want that flawless foundation, that has great staying power, doesn't patch in the day and leave us looking miserable. So tonight I am bringing you my top 3 foundations of all time! I want to share these with you so that you can share the greatness and maybe even save yourself some money by finding the perfect foundation!

For me personally, I have fair skin- I am cool toned and have a pink undertone to my skin, so I find it difficult to find a foundation that has a perfect match. The 3 that made the cut where, MAC studio fix fluid with SPF 15, NARS Sheer Glow and Revlon Colorstay. 

Lets star the top 3 with my favorite, NARS Sheer Glow. This steals light for me, I get this shade in Light 3, Golbi. The reason I love this foundation so much is because it is so lightweight, it has a medium coverage and just leaves your skin with such a flawless finish. More often than not I like a foundation that gives me a dewy finish and this does, just that! I would recommend this foundation for people who have dry skin, because it gives off a dewy finish. A little on the pricey side, completely worth it though. 

Number 2 would have to be Revlon Colorstay. The first thing I have to say about this is that it is super afforadable! You can purchase this at almost every drugstore, such as Boots and Superdrug. I get this foundation in the shade Ivory 110. The good thing that I found about this foundation is that it comes in a lot of shades and is suited for all skin types as you can get it for, oily skin types, dry or combined skin types, a great selection really! On my paler days this is the best match for me. It has a medium/high coverage  I would say and it is very buildable. However I find when trying to blend this foundation out with a beauty blender it is not as seamless as if you were to blend it with a brush. My brush of preference is the Real Techniques Buffing brush. 

Last but certainly not least is MAC studio fix fluid. I love this foundation and reach for it a lot, however I go through periods of hating it. Sometimes I feel it makes me look really washed out and the colour does not match my skin at all; those days do not last long at all! Maybe it is just me being picky... I get this shade in NC10 which is the lightest shade that they do. There are a lot of varieties of shades in this foundation so it is suitable for a lot of skin types. This foundation has the thickest formula and for that reason it is definitely full coverage. A dupe for this would definitely be the Revlon colorstay, it feels the same when applying and gives a similar finish on the skin. 

I hope that this has give you some insight on some foundations that you may or may not have tried! I would recommend any of these 3, they are great! Let me know what your top 3 foundations are or if you have any recommendations for me?

Love Alisha xo

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Petite 107 by eyelure

Hi guys! 

This post is basically me wanting to share with you my holy grail eyelashes! They are the eyelure petite 107. 
If you are like me and have eyes that are on the smaller side, these are for you!

They are the most perfect eyelashes, I have tried so many and none of them have compared to these. A lot of previous lashes I have tired I have had to cut off half off the lashes to fit my eyelid, but these, I don't even have to trim!

I couldn't recommend these more! Even if you have larger eyes I think these would be flattering. You can get at least 5 or more wears out of these without them looking worn out. The glue that is provided is also great, it dries clear on the lash and has a great, long staying power I have never had an issue of these falling off! 

Give them a go, you won't disappointed!

Love Alisha xo

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Splurge or steal?

Calling all beauty bloggers! I am after all your opinions on whether the hour glass ambient lightening powders are not only worth the hype, but are they worth the splurge!? 

I have heard mixed reviews but hey look so beautiful it's hard to stay away...

Let me know what you think?!

Love Alisha xo


Hi guys! I am back for another review, this time is for the Revolution Redemption Palettes, I have purchased 3 of them and I believe there may be 5. These palettes are super affordable because they are from the drug store, if you're from the UK you can purchase these in Super drug and if you're from other places of the world they have a website which I will link at the end of this review!

I am going to jump right in with the Redemption Palette Iconic 3, in this palette you get a variety of shimmers and matte shades. I feel as if the matte shades are not very pigmented, this may be because in this palette they are light shades, however the shimmers are nice and buttery and very pigmented. This palette screams NAKED 3 to me, I would even say that it was a dupe because all the shades are beautiful are mimic the ones in NAKED 3. so if you want a cheaper alternative for a high end palette I would defiantly give this one a go.
The next palette I am going to be talking about is the Redemption Palette Romantic Smoked. The first thing that I noticed about this palette is that the shades are absoloutley beautiful, in the palette they all look so good together. It is divided up into 6 shimmer shades and 6 matte shades. Unlike Iconic 3 the matte shades are a lot more pigmented and they blend out so perfectly to create a flawless smokey eye. What I will say about this palette in particular is that they eye shadows didn't have a lot of staying power, they faded quite quick, even wearing a primer, but for £4 each, who is to complain?

The last of the palettes I have is my favorite and it is the Redemption Palette Essential Shimmers. I feel as if this is the best palette out of the 3 that I purchased this is because I feel as if these shadows are the most silky, buttery, pigmented shadows I have tried in terms of drug store make-up. These shimmery shades are great for an eye look that you want to 'POP' and if you apply something like MAC fix plus to your brush the color really intensifies and gives a beautiful metallic sheen to the eyelid. These shades wear best in the inner corner or center of the lid and this is because on the outside they tend to fade away to nothing. Great for this time of year.


That's it for my make-up revolution eye shadow palette review! I hope you enjoyed 
  it and it gave you some insight on what their eye shadow products are like, they are really worth picking up if you see them, £4 for 12 shades, it's a steal!

Love Alisha xo