Thursday, 14 January 2016

Skincare routine

Hi guys!

I know I love being nosey in people's lives especially when it comes to finding out about all the beauty products they love, so I thought I would bring you my skincare routine and the products that I love and use on a daily basis.

My skincare products are all from the body shop, they sell amazing skincare and beauty products and their products are full of things that our skin will thank us for using! I do use other things but at this moment in time these 4 items are what I am reaching for the most. I have the cleanser, toner, face mist and the daily moisturiser all from the Vitamin E range. 

So the first product I am going to talk about is the cleanser. It is so creamy on the face and leaves you feel like your skin is polished to perfection, I usually use this after I have scrubbed my face, especially on days I have been wearing makeup because I feel a facial wash is never enough. This cleanser just gets in the creases of your face and make you feel fresh for the day or night!

The second product is the hydrating toner, I like to use this after the cream cleanser because I feel like it leaves my skin looking bright and refreshed, I wouldn't say this is a necessary product, however I have found that for me this is extra great when I have any redness or spots coming up because it helps reduce that and it is added hydration, great for normal-dry skin. 

The third product is the daily moisturiser, I use this twice a day, everyday, I LOVE this product, I have extremely sensitive skin and this product does not irritate me at all, it prepares my skin for my make-up so it ensures it goes on perfectly and and the end of the day gives the moisture back to my skin and brings it back to life almost, if you were to try any, this would be the one!

The last product is the face mist, this is really great for giving your face a boost of hydration, not only that it is amazing for setting makeup into place, using this before my makeup and after has really improved the finish and the lasting power, it is really great. 

I love all of these 4 products and these are just the ones I usually reach for daily, I do use more but I thought I would share these with you all so that maybe you could go out and enjoy them as much as I do!
Love Alisha xo

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