Friday, 8 January 2016

Makeup Geek

Hi guys!

I am excited about this post because I am featured the start of what I think is going to cost me a fortune! I have just purchased my first Z-palette in the size small with leopard print detailing, and 3 Makeup Geek eyeshadows to go along with it!

I have not got round to using them yet but I want to talk a little bit about them with you guys. Going from Left to Right I have got Godess, Bitten & Creme Brulee.
Goddess is such a beautiful golden shimmer shade, it is so buttery to the touch and I can see this being a lovely all over the lid colour, it is so pigmented and will really add some pop to the eyelid!
Bitten, again is so buttery to the touch, it is a lovely deep matte burgundy red shade, so perfect for the winter/fall seasons. I do not own a shade like this and I am excited to play around with it, I feel like this will be excellent for darkening the 'Outer V' of the eye.
Creme Brulee, I have only heard great things about this shade, it is your everyday matte light brown, this to me looks like the perfect transition shade in the crease. Out of the 3 I would say this is the most buttery and silky to the touch. 

These shadows are very comparable to MAC eyeshadows, I have a couple from MAC but none dupes for these shades, but I can honestly say the formula to touch, feels so much better than MAC, I wonder if they apply the same? Better? Or worse?

I am looking forward to buying more of the Makeup Geek eyeshadows so if you have any colours that are a must have, let me know!

Love Alisha xo

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