Thursday, 22 June 2017

Hello old friend.

Hi guys, it's Alisha here.

I know that in the past year I have neglected this blog but that is due to things that have been happening in my life, I found myself lose touch from what I love and that is make-up! Nothing negative has been happening, in fact it has all been very much positive. I started my Adult nursing degree and had moved into my own house with my boyfriend of five years, which has been the vest year of my life!!

I am back now, I am ready to get in touch with my beauty side again and share all my thoughts, likes, dislikes and adventures with you all. Over the past year I have acquired even more make up and beauty products that I ever anticipated, so I have nothing but exciting things lined up. 

I hope to here from you all soon and a hint towards my next post? We will be talking eyeshadow.

Love Alisha xo 

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