Saturday, 2 January 2016

Petite 107 by eyelure

Hi guys! 

This post is basically me wanting to share with you my holy grail eyelashes! They are the eyelure petite 107. 
If you are like me and have eyes that are on the smaller side, these are for you!

They are the most perfect eyelashes, I have tried so many and none of them have compared to these. A lot of previous lashes I have tired I have had to cut off half off the lashes to fit my eyelid, but these, I don't even have to trim!

I couldn't recommend these more! Even if you have larger eyes I think these would be flattering. You can get at least 5 or more wears out of these without them looking worn out. The glue that is provided is also great, it dries clear on the lash and has a great, long staying power I have never had an issue of these falling off! 

Give them a go, you won't disappointed!

Love Alisha xo