Thursday, 31 December 2015


Hi guys! I am back for another review, this time is for the Revolution Redemption Palettes, I have purchased 3 of them and I believe there may be 5. These palettes are super affordable because they are from the drug store, if you're from the UK you can purchase these in Super drug and if you're from other places of the world they have a website which I will link at the end of this review!

I am going to jump right in with the Redemption Palette Iconic 3, in this palette you get a variety of shimmers and matte shades. I feel as if the matte shades are not very pigmented, this may be because in this palette they are light shades, however the shimmers are nice and buttery and very pigmented. This palette screams NAKED 3 to me, I would even say that it was a dupe because all the shades are beautiful are mimic the ones in NAKED 3. so if you want a cheaper alternative for a high end palette I would defiantly give this one a go.
The next palette I am going to be talking about is the Redemption Palette Romantic Smoked. The first thing that I noticed about this palette is that the shades are absoloutley beautiful, in the palette they all look so good together. It is divided up into 6 shimmer shades and 6 matte shades. Unlike Iconic 3 the matte shades are a lot more pigmented and they blend out so perfectly to create a flawless smokey eye. What I will say about this palette in particular is that they eye shadows didn't have a lot of staying power, they faded quite quick, even wearing a primer, but for £4 each, who is to complain?

The last of the palettes I have is my favorite and it is the Redemption Palette Essential Shimmers. I feel as if this is the best palette out of the 3 that I purchased this is because I feel as if these shadows are the most silky, buttery, pigmented shadows I have tried in terms of drug store make-up. These shimmery shades are great for an eye look that you want to 'POP' and if you apply something like MAC fix plus to your brush the color really intensifies and gives a beautiful metallic sheen to the eyelid. These shades wear best in the inner corner or center of the lid and this is because on the outside they tend to fade away to nothing. Great for this time of year.


That's it for my make-up revolution eye shadow palette review! I hope you enjoyed 
  it and it gave you some insight on what their eye shadow products are like, they are really worth picking up if you see them, £4 for 12 shades, it's a steal!

Love Alisha xo

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